Completed Projects

Industry: Defence/Heritage
Commence: June 2016
Complete: July 2016
Region: Perth, WA
Type of Work: RefurbishmentProject Overview
Building 17 at the Artillery Barracks (Army Museum) in Fremantle is a heritage listed 2 storey building built between 1911 and 1914, the west and east concrete balcony of this building had visible defects that required the slabs to be replaced. Flanco was engaged to provide a new suspended slab to match the existing balconies. Some include: 50Mpa Structural mix.Innovations Delivered
Flanco worked closely with Duratec to ensure that the balconies were reinstated to match what was in place prior to the demolition of the slabs. To ensure the historical integrity of the buildings were maintained.

Works were carried out whilst the museum was still open to the public, minimal public disruption was a requirement as part of the project and was maintained effectively.

Protection of existing historically listed assets within the building works was a major consideration during the works.