Completed Projects

Over a short period, Flanco has partnered clients and principals to successful completion on a number of projects. Flanco directors, Dave Cooper, Jason Flannery and Troy Moller have maintained strong ties with clients to ensure that projects are delivered effectively with little fuss to the client.

Flanco have successfully completed projects at the following sites:

  • Eastern Ridge
  • Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter
  • Orebody 18
  • Nova Nickel Project
  • Daveyhurst Gold Mine
  • Cosmic Boy
  • Mt Marion Lithium Mine
  • Wallace Project
  • Kambalda Pool Upgrade
  • Carosue Dam
  • Sunrise Dam
  • Kalgoorlie Explosives Reserve
  • Mt Cattlin Reflux Building
  • Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mine
  • Murrin Murrin Mine
  • Agnew Power Stationprofile below
  • Carapeteena Bore Fields
  • St Ives Gold Mine
  • Jubilee Mine Site
  • John Paul College
  • Kambalda Nickel Smelter
  • Shire of Coolgardie Culverts
  • Tropicana Gold Mine
  • Fremantle Artillery Barracksprofile below